Executive Briefing Centers
At Lenovo, we believe collaboration is the path to innovation. Our Data Center Executive Briefing Centers in Raleigh, Stuttgart and Beijing provide an interactive environment for discussions based on customized agendas that cater to the specific requirements of the customers and business partners visiting the center. We offer a range of experiences from one-on-one tailored visits to multi-client seminars, all of which offer the opportunity to:
Share – discuss specific business challenges, analyze evolving industry trends, and understand Lenovo’s technology strategy and data center offering roadmap.
Experience – explore our technology with live demonstrations and behind the scenes lab tours.
Prove - collaborate with our data center technology experts to validate industry leading solutions built on Lenovo server, storage and networking products.
And if now is not the best time to travel to one our centers, we’re happy to engage with you remotely through web and video conferencing.
“The EBC is amazing. I have been through a number of EBC’s and this was by far the best. Eye opening. Awesome information.” Lenovo Reseller
Two way conversations provide the foundation for every engagement. Briefings at Lenovo provide the opportunity to collaborate with our top technical and business leaders to explore the latest evolution in data center technologies and develop effective strategies to gain the greatest advantage for your organization.

Upcoming events can be found here
Recent typical discussion topics include:
The evolution of next generation data center infrastructure toward converged and hyper converged designs
The shift of enterprise storage architectures to embrace software defined storage methodologies
Previews of Lenovo’s future roadmap of server, storage, networking, services, and solutions offerings
Solutions focused discussions featuring our strategic partner alliances from industry leaders such as Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, SAP, and others
Details of Lenovo’s end to end approach to system security from supply chain to finished product
Web based briefings are a great way to get a quick update on a single topic. We can arrange for a customized session or you can attend one of our scheduled offerings here.
“This time spent was very informative. I was introduced to several offerings that I wasn't previously aware of. This information is very useful in helping to determine our future strategy.” – Customer
One of our guiding principles is that the best way to truly understand something is to experience it first hand.
Explore our cutting edge showcase areas featuring the full range of Lenovo data center products
Participate in live demonstrations of our management tools
Interact with our extensive portfolio of solutions for client virtualization, cloud, big data, analytics, database, and high performance computing
Visit our development labs and meet the engineers from our performance design, product support, system design, or advanced research teams.
“Extremely informative. Facilities, presenters, content was outstanding. First class briefing session. Very impressed with the depth of products and level of investments in the support/infrastructure. Excellent briefing sessions and facilities.” - Customer
We understand that a focused proof of concept test can substantially lower the risks often associated with a significant technology project. Our Innovation Centers provide access not only to the full portfolio of Lenovo data center offerings but just as importantly to a team of solutions experts that can help build a representative environment designed to validate the total solution stack.
Proof of concepts can:
Focus on core infrastructure or full solution stacks in cooperation with our industry alliance partners such as Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, Nutanix, Cloudian, Nexenta, etc
Be completed in 1 week or up to 3 months
Utilize industry standard benchmarks or client customized test cases
Remote access to your test environment is also an option.
1st Lenovo Cloud Solutions
Enterprise businesses understand that leveraging the right mix of public and private cloud services can be the key to a successful IT infrastructure. Lenovo partners with other industry leading technology providers to offer choice in leveraging cloud technology. This session will review the variety of ways successful companies are approaching their cloud strategies and discuss the range of cloud solution offerings available from Lenovo.
15th Premier Support – Customer experience that delivers direct access to skilled technicians for your Data Center needs
We know that maintaining smooth data center operations becomes more challenging as you adopt more complex solutions and face mounting business demands. Lenovo’s Premier Support service provides a sophisticated, unified support structure for your data center. You’ll get a Premier Support Consultant, an advocate who will own resolution of your incident end to end as a single point of contact for hardware and software troubleshooting and problem resolution.
5th ThinkAgile SX for MS Azure Stack Update
Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack helps accelerate your journey to digital transformation by enabling Azure cloud services from your own data center. This engineered, purpose-built, and pre-integrated turnkey rack scale solution enables you to focus more on development of cloud services and apps, and less on infrastructure. Join this virtual briefing to learn more
12th Technical Account Management – A proactive service that simplifies and streamlines the complexity of today’s solutions
Lenovo’s Technical Account Management service is designed to maintain and improve the health and availability of your data center environment. The TAM helps you optimize the operation of your data center based on a deep understanding of your business. You gain direct access to your Lenovo TAM, who expedites service requests, provide status updates, and furnish reports to track incidents over time, all while proactively making service recommendations and managing your service relationship with Lenovo to ensure your needs are met.
3rd – ThinkSystem Storage - Update
Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage delivers easy-to-use, affordable storage solutions with advanced
capabilities to integrate into your existing infrastructure, or build a new one. Join us for this virtual briefing focused on the latest news for our Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage lineup and Storage Area Network Switches, providing breakthrough SAN storage performance and scale at best-in-class pricing.
7th Hardware as a Service (HaaS), pay for what you use each month
True dynamic scaling only with Lenovo’s HaaS can Customers spin-up to 100% and spin-down to 0% within the day and pay only for the amount of capacity they’ve used. As a fully flexible offering, HaaS allows Customers to choose the amount of economic certainty they prefer, from fully variable consumption (0%) to the same cost month to month (100%). Additionally, Lenovo’s proprietary metering solution underpins our offering, enabling us to assess true component level usage by measuring the input power per node. By leveraging input power, we can assess true usage while staying out of the data-plane, mitigating incremental data privacy risk to our Customers.


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