Lenovo dense systems deliver massive computing power in minimal space to tackle workloads like technical computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), grid, cloud and more.

  1. The SD650's direct water cooling design delivers maximum performance, extreme density, and leading energy efficiency in the data center.

  2. The highly agile ThinkSystem SD530 is a modular 2U/4-node system that excels at both HPC and enterprise workloads—on the same platform—to increase flexibility while reducing costs.

  3. End-to-end solution that contains an integrated set of Lenovo servers, storage, software, and third-party components. Each solution is tested for reliability, interoperability, and maximum performance, so that the system can be easily deployed.

  4. High-capacity, high-performance technical storage solution that uses a building-block approach to create highly scalable storage.

  5. Up to four ThinkServer sd350 compute nodes in each compact 2U n400 enclosure deliver a dense, scalable platform for distributed enterprise and hyperconverged solutions.

  6. Achieve scale while lowering your operating expense & raising performance. Flexible architecture means single platform for all your workload requirements whether you need dense compute, dense storage, or extreme acceleration via GPUs or co-processors.

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