:Data Center Optimization Services

Optimization Services

Data Center Optimization Services

Maintain the health of your data center assets

  • Monitor and enhance your Lenovo technologies throughout their lifecycle
  • Ensure top performance and protect your investments
  • Identify systems that need updates
  • Keep your IT infrastructure ready to support digital transformation

Sorry, this product is no longer available

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Unfortunately the "Data Center Optimization Services" is no longer available, may we suggest:

Maintain the health of your data center assets

  • Top Accessories

    Optimization ServicesTop Accessories

  • Overview


    Is your data center operating at peak efficiency? Lenovo optimization services monitor and enhance your IT infrastructure to maintain the health of your Lenovo assets and help ensure top performance throughout their lifecycle. Available for the full data center as well as specific solutions, our Health Checks identify systems that require updates, patches, or other types of remediation. Protect your investments by making sure your IT infrastructure is ready to support digital transformation.

  • Technical Account Manager

    Technical Account Manager

    Increase operational performance and efficiency in your data center with a trusted advisor.

    • Work with a technical advocate that understands your day-to-day IT operations to reduce budgetary expenses and enhance business decision making
    • See faster problem resolution with a single point of accountability to resolve inquiries and handle escalations
    • Ensure the proper service level entitlement is in effect for all your data center products
    • Benefit from proactive services and reports such as a Customer Support Plan, Quarterly Business Review, and Account Reporting

    Today’s customers are facing challenges such as growing complexity, increased workloads, infrastructure consolidation, and capacity planning obstacles. Lenovo’s Technical Account Management service streamlines and simplifies the customer experience by managing solution complexity associated with any reported issue through a single point of accountability. The Technical Account Manager will serve as a trusted advisor and work side by side with you to develop a Customer Support Plan, conduct on-site Quarterly Business Reviews, provide Customer Account Reporting, and make recommendations. The service experience covers all Lenovo services and solutions across the entire enterprise account to enhance the supportability and performance of your IT investments.

    Learn more about Technical Account Management.

  • Health Check

    Health Check

    Lenovo Health Check services help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in your data center. Experienced Lenovo consultants will perform a thorough assessment of the current status of your firmware, HX Series Nutanix Clusters, SAP HANA or Hypervisor/Linux infrastructure, deliver a comprehensive report of their findings, and make the required updates.

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