:Data Center Planning Services

Planning Services

Data Center Planning Services

Design the best IT strategy for your enterprise

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Let the Lenovo experts help you:

  • Evaluate your current environment
  • Identify budgetary or technological constraints
  • Envision opportunities for system and infrastructure improvements
  • Test the possibilities

Sorry, this product is no longer available

Unfortunately the "Data Center Planning Services" is no longer available, may we suggest:

Design the best IT strategy for your enterprise

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  • Overview


    Evaluating your current environment, identifying budgetary or technological constraints, envisioning opportunities for system and infrastructure improvements, and testing the possibilities—each aspect is essential as you develop your road map for change. Lenovo planning services help you find the most effective approach to meet your business goals and examine the IT implications. After conducting an Assessment Workshop to define and prioritize your objectives, the Lenovo team will help design a solution, run a proof-of-concept lab test, and chart the course for digital transformation.
  • Design


    Leverage Lenovo expertise to speed time to value and optimize IT investments

    • Receive detailed technical and business analysis of the solution under consideration
    • Build an implementation plan for optimizing the current environment

    Get expert guidance to build solutions that address your specific needs and pain points. You’ll speed time to value by reducing the need for specialized expertise your IT staff

  • Proof of Technology

    Proof of Technology

    Mitigate risk by validating and tuning solutions in a controlled environment

    • Test proposed solutions before deployment
    • Iterate on initial designs to optimize value
    • Experience hands-on in Morrisville, North Carolina, or access remotely

    Leverage a steady-state environment without capital investment before finalizing your solution. Your IT team will gain hands-on experience with Lenovo systems with the opportunity to modify the plan before moving into a production environment.

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