Small, Medium Business Solutions for not so small IT needs

At Lenovo, we believe SMBs deserve their own solutions, tailored to fit the specific needs of their business. Which is why we offer an industry leading portfolio of hardware, software and services all built with your business needs in mind. Need more information? Talk to one of our dedicated solution experts today.

Featured server solutions

Everything your business needs

Customize your configuration
No matter your size or stage of business, Lenovo and our trusted channel partners have the products and solutions that can help you achieve your business goals. Let’s build a custom IT ecosystem, together.
  • Servers
    Explore simple and cost-effective server solutions.
  • Data Storage
    Storage virtualization, data backup and recovery, file sharing, and more.
  • Networking
    Explore networking solutions built to enable productivity.
  • Services
    From hardware to software adoption, our team of specialists can help find your tech solution.
Your custom business shopping experience
There’s no one size fits all for SMB. So, why is all business shopping the same? Meet the LenovoPro Store, your very own business shopping experience. Register to receive members only pricing, exclusive offers, personalized products, solutions, and more.
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