• Security Key Lifecycle Manager


    Today's enterprise requires enhanced security solutions to protect and preserve sensitive data and reduce the vulnerability of data at rest. Breaches in data security resulting from hard disk drive (HDD) theft, misplacement, or improper disposal can result in data loss, server outages, costly legal liabilities, client dissatisfaction, and negative press. The increased threat has placed security as a top concern for IT managers. Enterprises have responded by adopting various security policies, many of which include encrypting all data at rest to help ensure a consistent layer of protection against loss.

    Centralized Management of Encryption Keys

    Key management for encryption strategies is often fragmented. Sometimes key management is carried out by department teams using manual processes or embedded encryption tools. In some cases, there is no formal key-management process in place. This fragmented approach to key management can expose your sensitive data to loss or theft.

    IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) for System x Self-Encrypting Drives—Feature on Demand (FoD) is a feature available in System x environments that centralizes, simplifies and automates the data encryption key management process to help minimize risk and reduce operational costs. It offers a simple and robust solution for key storage, key serving, and key lifecycle management for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) in local and distributed System x environments. With this feature, System x clients can meet their server requirements while addressing their security needs through a robust solution offering efficient, simplified, consolidated, and transparent key management.

    Datasheet: Security Key Lifecycle Manager for System x Self-Encrypting Drives


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