• Client Virtualization

    Lenovo Client Virtualization Solutions

    Today’s IT staff are faced with ever-rising costs, increased complexity of maintaining remote client devices, a growing need to avoid security problems, and the need for flexibility and global availability of compute resources. Mobile workers require access to files, applications and other corporate resources from a variety of user devices, and they rely on IT to manage those resources and ensure data security. Remote and branch offices also need to know their desktops are properly managed, upgrades and patches are applied and data is backed up—without incurring the cost of deskside IT visits.

    Lenovo client virtualization validated designs supports a range of virtual desktop and virtual application scenarios using industry-proven Lenovo hardware combined with software from Citrix® and VMware® . These client virtualization validated designs are fully tested across applications, software, hardware, and services to help streamline IT administration and simplify the transition to a virtual desktop infrastructure. Lenovo client virtualization provides the below benefits:

    •     Simplifies desktop administration, support, and management
    •     Enhances security and compliance management and improves availability and reliability
    •     Provides flexibility so users can work anytime and anywhere regardless of device
    •     Supports growth initiatives for mobility and flexible work locations


    End-to-End Solutions

    Lenovo offers an array of form factors to meet your client virtualization infrastructure needs, including a wide variety of the latest feature-rich ThinkSystem server platforms, HX Series hyperconverged appliances and highly scalable Flex System converged platform. These systems provide a robust, secure, and easily managed virtualization infrastructure for network administrators. To deliver maximum productivity and preferences for a wide variety of businesses and applications, Lenovo supports many popular PC and thin-client choices — including the Lenovo ThinkCentre thin-client. By combining the flexibility, security and manageability of these solutions with Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of services, Lenovo offers a winning virtualization solution for managed environments.

    •     Complete front-to-back solutions
    •     Range of clients, brokers, hypervisors, servers, networking, and storage
    •     Range of form factors, price, performance, and density
    •     Support for accelerated graphics
    •      Lenovo Services 


    Proven & Credible

    The Lenovo Client Virtualization solution is based on a reference architecture approach. Our reference architecture documents contain performance measurements and performance guidance for different client virtualization scenarios, and show how to size a virtual desktop or virtual application solution to your specific requirements. The reference architecture documents contain information about clients, servers, networking, and storage in an easy-to-digest format and show you the performance tradeoffs for different scenarios, software stacks, and hardware choices.

    Learn more:


    Lenovo Client Virtualization Validated Design for Citrix XenDesktop

    The key to a successful client virtualization deployment depends largely on matching the solution to your organization’s workload requirements. Running Citrix XenDesktop on the industry’s most reliable servers and appliances from Lenovo helps reduce costs and gives you the flexibility to choose configurations. The Lenovo and Citrix XenDesktop validated design offers an array of infrastructure choices for general-purpose workloads, accelerated graphics workloads, hyper-converged solutions and shared storage deployments.

    Additionally, Lenovo has worked with Nutanix and Citrix to expand the ThinkAgile HX workload portfolio to support Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud, a tightly integrated hybrid cloud solution that simplifies and accelerates virtual application and desktop (VDI) deployments for companies of any size. In a client virtualization deployment employing this new capability, XenDesktop and XenApp services are managed via the Citrix Cloud, while workloads run on the ThinkAgile HX cluster on the business premise where the data stays private and secure.

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    Lenovo Client Virtualization Validated Design for VMware Horizon

    Running on the industry’s most reliable servers and appliances from Lenovo, VMware Horizon delivers multiple advantages for organizations implementing client virtualization, including choice of delivery with support for private cloud and cloud-hosted services, as well as comprehensive image management across any combination of virtual, physical and bring-your-own device. VMware’s closed-loop management and optimization for the software defined data center enables organizations to truly extend the power of virtualization from the data center to devices.

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    lenovo systems solutions client virtualization
    Lenovo Solutions Citrix Software
    Lenovo Solutions Citrix Software
    Lenovo Solutions Citrix Software
    Lenovo Solutions Citrix Software
    lenovo systems solutions client virtualization
    lenovo systems solutions client virtualization
    lenovo systems solutions client virtualization
    lenovo systems solutions client virtualization
  • Infrastructure


    Lenovo provides complete infrastructure solutions to help companies build and manage their computing environments. With the unprecedented growth and variety of data flowing into and within the enterprise, it is difficult to predict how much computing, storage or networking resources are truly enough. Increasingly, organizations need highly scalable solutions which will enable them to respond nimbly to changing workload requirements. As environments become more complex, IT departments want to better manage volatile workloads with predictable cost, elastic storage scalability and simplified administration.


    Lenovo Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Configuration for VMware vSAN

    Lenovo and VMware have jointly engineered simplified data center compute and storage building blocks designed to provide rapid deployment, elastic compute and storage scalability, and high performance for critical virtualized workload environments.

    Learn more:

    Configuration Brief: Lenovo Configuration for VMware vSAN Ready Node


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